Season foot care set

Season foot care set

Product#: FUSS
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Seasonal in the convenient double pack.


This nourishing balm turns dry skin (even cornea) silky and soft. Hand-picked essential oils of juniper, thyme, lavender and rosemary, as well as goat butter oil create a comfortably refreshing feeling. The balm for an intensive care of feet and calves is ideal for foot massages and for the daily foot care. It nurtures without leaving an oily feel between your toes.

FOOT BATH 100 ml

This foot bath combines foot care and relaxation. Dissolve ca. 5 ml in a bowl of warm water. The soothing bath revitalizes your feet to their former strengths. A high quality, plant-based surfactant cleanses the feet gently. Essential oils of thyme, rosemary and juniper (juniperus monticola) are equally relaxing and vitalizing and exude a refreshing scent. Stemming from wild plants in New Zealand, the manuka oil nurtures and naturally protects against athlete’s foot.